What do you put in your vape?

Coming from the car scene, been modding cars and racing since I can drive. I always wanted my company to have a vintage look and feel, as for the juices I’ve been mixing for 5 to 6 months. I wanted elaborated flavors for myself and I was aiming for some light, all-day-vape juices with no sweetener. I also wanted a clean juice I knew was made from clean ingredients, to steer clear of chemicals such as diacetyl , acetyl pyrazine or acetoine .

I like a juice that leaves the wick and coils clean for days, and a taste you keep wanting more of. Once I figured out the recipes, I started looking for a lab, a good lab that uses only the best, and one that brew the juices by hand.

It took me months to get to this quality and will always do my best to keep it this way!

About me

I’m 28 years , I have no scholarship what so ever, not even done my high school. I started working at a young age as a salesman and manager of electronic stores. Always been in retail, and liked to play with things that had powerful engines. I started vaping a year and a half ago and it took me one complete year to master cloud chasing and finally quit smoking for good. I started involving myself a lot in the local vape scene and vape groups, and I really wanted to come up with a juice line that is different. A quality juice no one would get tired of, and started with these three flavors. Not too many choices, I know, but every vaper will find his gem in this line. At least I hope! hahaha

~ Maxime Dubé, head mechanic

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